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Through encouraging music learning environment and disciplined artistic guidance, young musician establish positive self-esteem and confidence which unleash their full potential and achieve a holistic learning experience.


Nothing better than live performances. We encourage all our young musicians to perform regularly and achieve a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment of music making.

Concerts and recitals are held annually for our young artists. Check out the performances on our Instagram account!


“Early stage we set it right, success awaits within your sight.”

At Artists Music Studio, we firmly believe that everyone possesses the rights and innate ability to master and appreciate music and art. Through our meticulously structured methods and refined practices, individuals of all backgrounds can realize their potential as musicians or artists, each finding their comfortable stage to shine.

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Rizvan Baig
Rizvan Baig
The journey from some Disney pieces to current serious piano repertoires- such as Chopin's Raindrop and Lè Coucou and Mozart has been so fulfilling and an exciting journey - Laurence is a kind, patient and superb teacher- and I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with him every week.
Darren Tan
Darren Tan
Went over to buy a violin for my daughter. Overall experience in terms of recommendations, prices at the shop was truly satisfying. Definitely will shop there again for next violin upgrade.
John Quok
John Quok
Very responsive service. The pianos are maintained in very very good condition and is very conducive for self practice
Zhang XiaoYu
Zhang XiaoYu
Teacher Laurence is a caring, humorous, and professional teacher who always makes piano lessons engaging and interesting. He makes the effort to impart his musical knowledge and I’ve certainly learnt a lot of techniques, such as rotational movements and the correct direction of force on the fingers, that have improved my playing. He has reinforced my interest in music and I owe much thanks and gratitude to him for his expertise in teaching. I hope to learn more from him throughout my musical journey.
Hye B
Hye B
My daughter has been learning from Teacher Laurence and Teacher Midorie for almost two years now. Both are wonderful teachers, giving my child a holistic view on playing the piano, touching all areas of music. My daughter has become to enjoy playing the piano more than ever, and she is building a solid understanding of music through detailed instruction of theory, scales, rythms, dynamics etc. I highly recommend the Artist Music Studio to parents who want their child to build strong understanding and appreciation of music. The teachers are very passionate, very patient and encouraging, and most importantly very knowledgeable. 2년 가까이 수업 진행 중인데, 아이도 저도 굉장히 만족하며 수업하고 있습니다. 학생이 지루하지 않게 수업을 꼼꼼하게 진행하시며 음악의 전반적인 부분을 터치해주셔서 향후 음악 전공을 하지 않더라도 음악에 대한 이해도를 향상시켜주는 훌륭한 퀄리티의 수업을 제공해 주십니다. 단순히 정확한 피아노 음을 치는게 아니라 곡을 해석하는 방법과 음악으로 표현하는 부분을 가르쳐주셔서 아이도 피아노 연주에 대한 흥미를 놓치지 않게 해주시네요. 선생님들 모두 굉장히 인내를 갖고 친절하게 아이의 궁금한 부분들을 풀어주시고 잘 안되는 부분이 있더라도 끈기있게 설명하고 이끌어주십니다.
budi tjendra
budi tjendra
Ting Ting learned a lot from teachers Midorie and Laurence. Through careful guidance, encouragement, and support, we have witnessed quite a big improvement in our daughter's way of playing the piano. In 2019, from a non-curved finger beginner piano player, we enrolled her with 2pianoteachers. And through their teaching method and plan, it really helps our child to improve her musical in many ways. Not only about just learn the music, but also to understand about the music purpose and learn to inspire and bring enjoyment and also to glorify our God. Laurence Yu is an excellent teacher with high standard. His teaching can easily being captured by our young child. He can use life story to stengthen our child in a right time which is important to cultivate love in music. This year (2021) is the year that set a new milestone in her learning journey. The first ABRSM exam and the first music competition which both yield an excellent outcome that we as a parent can be proud of. And for our child, this is certainly a wonderfully memorable experience. Thank you Teacher Laurence ——————————-——————————- Ting Ting belajar banyak dari teacher Midorie and Laurence. Melalui bimbingan, dorongan dan dukungan dari beliau, kami menyaksikan sendiri anak kami ini maju dalam hal bermain piano. Di tahun 2019, dari pemain musik yang masih awam dan pemula, kami daftarkan anak kami ke 2pianoteacher melalui teman. Dan melalui sistem pengajaran mereka, anak kami mendapat pendalaman musik di dalam banyak hal. Bukan saja itu, anak kami juga diajarkan untuk mengerti tujuan musik, belajar untuk terinspirasi dan membawa sukacita dan bisa memuliakan Tuhan. Laurence Yu adalah guru yang berstandard tinggi, dan cara pengajarannya cukup bisa di mengerti oleh anak kami yg masih kecil. Dia juga bisa berbagi cerita untuk menguatkan anak kami yg bagi kami cukup penting dalam menumbuhkan cinta musik untuk anak kami dan belajar dari pengalaman orang yang lebih berpengalaman jauh. Di tahun 2021 ini adalah tahun pencapaian baru bagi anak kami di dalam perjalanan bermusik. Ujian ABRSM pertama dan juga kompetisi piano yang pertama dilewatin dengan hasil yang sangat baik sekali dimana kami sebagi orang tua bisa berbangga hati. Dan dari anak kami ini adalah sesuatu pengalaman manis yang tak mungkin terlupakan. Terima kasih Teacher Laurence.
Rei Nakanishi
Rei Nakanishi
I am truly lucky to have met the teachers here for more than a decade ago. They have widened my perspectives of classical music and they go above and beyond to achieve holistic growths. The most outstanding part of the experience is the teachers’ ability to instil the love for music in their students. For anyone, be it kids or adults, who are interested or passionate to expand their world of music, I recommend Artists Music Studio ☺️ 私がローレンス先生とミドリ先生の教室に通い始めたのは10年以上も前で、昔からいつもお世話になっています^ ^ 生徒ひとりひとり、個性を汲み取り、的確で丁寧な指導です。レッスンを受ける度にやる気を頂きます。英語で行われるので、より国際的な教育で◎ - Rei Nakanishi Grade 8 Practical Distinction 2013 NUS B.B.A with Honours 2017
Yi Qian Toh
Yi Qian Toh
The teachers are passionate about music and patient in their teaching! Lessons are always enriching and I’ve learnt so much.
Shinzu Eden
Shinzu Eden
I actually found this piano teacher, Laurence, from random Googling. Never regret my decision to entrust my son under his teaching. He's very patient and passionate. What I like the most from him is how he tailors his lesson according to one child's need to bring the best of him out. Thanks so much for everything! My son really enjoys his piano lesson.
Lee Christina
Lee Christina
Wonderful guidance, awesome teaching. My girl learns a lot from Mr Laurence, he is very experienced, patient and knowledgable. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💯💯💯

Outstanding Students

Adjunct Lecturer, LASALLE College of the Arts (2014-Present)
Master in Musical Directing, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (2021-Present)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music, LASALLE College of the Arts (2010-2014)

Tay Xiao Jie Gail

Bachelor of Music, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (2020-2023)
Programme (Music) IB School of the ART (2014-2020)
ABRSM G8, Distinction (2014)
ABRSM G5, Distinction (2013)
ABRSM G3, High Distinction, 140/150 (2011)

Shandel Goo

1st Price, Music Singapore Piano Competition 2021
ABRSM G5, High Distinction, 147/150 (2021)
ABRSM G3, High Distinction, 147/150 (2021)

Maria Avril Zhuang

Music O Level, A1 (2020)
ABRSM G8, High Distinction, 143/150 (2017)
ABRSM G5, Distinction (2015)
ABRSM G3, Distinction (2011)

Mok Ian

ATCL, Distinction (2015)
Music A Level, Distinction (St Nicholas, 2015 Top Scorer)
ABRSM G8, Distinction (2014)

Jacinth Teo

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Edward Woo