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Traditional handcraft perfected, a passion for the piano,
and a wealth of innovations––this is FEURICH pianos.

Unique Action Design

With an equally weighted keyboard, as found in grand piano models. First-class felt, made by FEURICH in England. Keyboard and action made using solid Austrian timber to produce the perfect touch and enable fast repetition.

High Quality Wooden SoundBoard & Ribs

Set in a precisely bonded lo-cking system. Robust and durable construction with a rich and balanced tonal spectrum.

Feurich soundboard and ribs are made using high-quality, slow-growth spruce wood from Austria, Mongolia and Russia.


Multi-laminated pinblock and soundboard bracing are all made of quality hardwoods from Europe and Canada.

Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNC-milled iron plate to provide long-lasting tuning stability.


High quality strings made by the brands Paulello and Röslau

Our Collection

Classic Upright Pianos

Model 115

Model 122

Mod. 125 - Design #10black chrome

Model 125

Model 133

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