Music is a complex activity. But we do not need to make it more complicated. Music is a game, through singing, clapping, listening and discussing, we could learn music with ease. Nurturing interests and building a solid foundation are our utmost missions to all music lovers and children.


Caryn brings over 18 years of dedicated music teaching experience, holding a Grade 8 Piano Practical and Theory from ABRSM, a Bachelor of Music (Education) (Hons) from the University Putra of Malaysia, and an Associate Diploma in Music Pedagogy.

Her career spans impactful roles as a music teacher in international schools, leading keyboard ensembles and choirs, and excelling as an instrumental (piano and violin) teacher at a music school. Noteworthy achievements include training junior educators and sharing expertise on early childhood music education in media interviews. Caryn’s passion for teaching is evident in her tailored approach for students as young as 4, employing innovative teaching methods and diverse musical genres. She focuses on nurturing each student’s growth, fostering a lifelong love for music through encouragement and friendly guidance.

Caryn Cheong


Caryn’s expertise in Early Childhood Music Education was showcased in Today’s Parents (Singapore Magazine). Her teaching portfolio includes roles in international schools, conducting keyboard ensembles, choirs, and workshops catering to young children. Beyond this, she excels in instructing private music students for graded exams and leisure, along with guiding junior teachers. Her extensive 18-year journey reflects a diverse range of teaching experiences and a deep understanding of music education.