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Nuttakamon Supattranont

Nuttakamon Supattranont (b.2000) began playing the trumpet at the age of 7, with the marching band of Rajavinit School and Patumwan Demonstration School in Thailand. Upon her successful audition for the Thai Youth Orchestra in 2017, Nuttakamon was awarded First Prize at the Summa Cum Laude in Vienna, Austria. Later that year, she was also awarded the Gold medal at the SET Music Competition.

She has served as principal trumpeter of the Princess Gadyani Vadhana Institute of Music Youth Orchestra 2018 as well as Siam Sinfonietta. This paved the way for an opportunity to play at the New York Music Festival alongside Siam Sinfonietta. Throughout her years of study, she has had the privilege to have masterclasses with many esteemed, world-class musicians including Dr. Carole Reinhart, Otto Sauter, Tage Larsen, Pacho Flores and Boston Brass.

Her outstanding performance skills are further affirmed by her enrolment in the Young Artist Program (Pre-College) at Mahidol University in 2016, where she studied with Mr. Alongkorn Laosaichuea and Dr. Joseph Bowman, as a classical trumpet major. By the following year, she received a full scholarship from Mahidol University. Nuttakamon has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music, at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with Mr. Jon Dante and Mr. Lau Wen Rong. Nuttakamon is currently the section trumpet of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.


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A.Arutunian - Trumpet concerto - YST Concerto Competition 2021/22