Music is a complex activity. But we do not need to make it more complicated. Music is a game, through singing, clapping, listening and discussing, we could learn music with ease. Nurturing interests and building a solid foundation are our utmost missions to all music lovers and children.


Ke Han began his musical journey at the age of 7 under Ms Midorie Tjiawi. He was the 1st Runner Up winner in the DynamicWorkz Young Pianist Competition 2010, Junior Category. He achieved Distinction in his ABRSM Practical Piano Grade 8 examination when he was 12, only 5 years of training under 2pianoteachers, and eventually achieved A1 with Merit in O-Levels Higher Music when he was 16. 

He has extensive performance experience as a piano accompanist starting with playing for his alma mater, Anglican High School, school choir and its O-Level music students. 

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Apart from classical piano, Ke Han also ventured into a keyboardist. His performance footprints as a pianist and keyboardist cover majority performing venues on the Island: Esplanade, Victoria Concert Hall, SOTA, MOE HQ, CHIJMES Convent and much more. 

His keen curiosity in music has also led him to continue explore other instruments such as drums, cajon, guitar, bass and etc. Ke Han has published several of his own music productions which are available on Spotify. 

Ke Han currently specializes in acoustic 2-piece band setups, consisting of 1 instrument and 1 vocalist. His well-recognised knowledge on chords and improvisatory playing make him to be a popular keyboardist among his peer.

As music enthusiast, Ke Han is currently sharing his musical passion as the teaching artist at Artists Music Studio.